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Submerge - Deep Techno Ableton Live 12 Template


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Embark on a submerged journey into the depths of hypnotic techno with "Submerge - Deep Techno Ableton Live 12 Template." Crafted for Ableton Live 12, this template pulses at 130 BPM, enveloping you in a dark and spacey atmosphere. Immerse yourself in its deep hypnotic rhythms as all synths, meticulously crafted with Xfer Serum, create an immersive sonic landscape. Mastered with Izotope Ozone 11, "Submerge" ensures professional-grade sound quality. Whether you're a seasoned producer seeking new depths or a newcomer exploring the realms of techno, "Submerge" provides the tools and insights to elevate your sound.

  • BPM: 130
  • DAW: Ableton 12.0
  • Key: E♭ Minor

Project File (Ableton)
All Project Samples (.wav)
All MIDI Sequences (.mid)
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Izotope Ozone 11, Xfer Serum, Kickstart 2

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