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Bass, Dubstep, Future Bass

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Artist Bio:

  • Genre: Dubstep
  • BPM: 150
  • DAW: FL Studio 21.0.1
  • Key: D Minor

Note: We verify each listing to ensure that not having the same plug-ins will not significantly alter the track.

Project: ShaperBox2 soothe2 Tonal Balance Control 2 FabFilter Pro-Q 3 FabFilter Pro-C2 Thermal Cymatics Diablo Lite Fruity parametric EQ 2 Fruity Stereo Enchancer ValhallaRoom OTT Dada Life Sausage Fattener ValhallaDelay Fruity WaveShaper Master: Fruity parametric EQ 2 FabFilter Pro-Q 3 Virtual Mix Rack Ozone 9 Maximizer FabFilter Pro-L 2

The package contains the project file (flp) and all sounds belonging to it. If you don\'t have certain plug-ins or are using another DAW, the package also contains stem files of Decrypted track that you can use.

Project File (FL Studio)
All Project Samples (.wav)
All MIDI Sequences (.mid)
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