Authentic Project Files.

Go behind the scenes. Download professional Ableton Logic Pro FL Studio Cubase project files from Wuki and over 125 other artists.

Production made easy.

Book a time with your favorite artists and create that hit track.

Ghost production from top artists.

Buy the full rights to unreleased tracks from your favorite artists. Rewrite, remix, or simply publish under your own name.

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When you buy a project file, you receive immediate access to all of its relevant components in the DAW, including project samples and MIDI. You can only use the project file for creative and learning purposes.

Step into the studio and learn the music production straight from the source.

The .mp3 file and the right to release the entire song as is under your name. You may also receive the project file if it's listed.

The track is now yours! You are the only one in the world that owns it.

The sample, preset, or device group, royalty-free. You can use these in any new music production or creative works!

The project file, project samples and MIDI. Instead of using the file for creative and learning purposes, you can now use it as a template to create new tracks!

You can release your new tracks but may not release the template as is.

  1. Live Classes: Access to a one-on-one or group class via live video conferencing
  2. Recorded Class: .mp4 recording 
  3. Track Feedback: Feedback on your tracks sent via live video conferencing or email
  4. Mixing & Mastering: 1 mix & mastered track of your choice sent via email

The visual in .mp4 format, royalty-free. You can use this while DJing or in any creative works!

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