About Us

In December 2022, we noticed a problem in the music industry. Top producers like John Summit (2023 EDM Artist of the year) were selling their project files on one-off websites and the only way you could find them was at the bottom of their Youtube tutorials. We also realized that every day artists trash or store hundreds of thousands of hours of high-quality music in the form of audio files.

That’s why we built Tunebat Marketplace. Tunebat Marketplace is a marketplace for music project files, providing artists with an easy method to monetize the art they create. Tunebat Marketplace allows producers to buy project files, ghost production, sample packs, services, and more from their favorite artists. They can use these files to learn the techniques of how the music is made, create new tracks inspired by original projects, and achieve creative synergy through collaboration. Buy and Sell Music Production Resources.

If you have any questions, please email info@scrapsaudio.com.

Our Team

Our team consists of three highly motivated college students all personally driven to positively impact the music industry. Our collective backgrounds in music production, entrepreneurship, finance, web development, and DJing provide us with the insight necessary to build the music marketplace of the future. What sets us apart is our passion to create the next generation of music and help artists monetize their platforms. Our CEO is Alejo Orvañanos, COO / CFO is Dhruv Gomber, and CTO is Henry Quillin.


To allow artists to collaborate to unlock creative synergies and monetize all the work they create.


A world where artists and producers openly collaborate, create, and profit from every bit of their work.


    Monetizing the Work of Artists

    As DJs and producers ourselves, we wished we had a way to use all the music we created that was set aside and never touched again or simply trashed. We built Tunebat Marketplace to provide artists with an easy method to monetize ALL the art they create at the price they want.


      We believe that the value of music should not be determined by the service it is offered on. Instead, the price of an artist’s music should be set by that artist. Our marketplace fosters a true meritocracy where creatives are compensated based on their innovation, originality, and expression.

        Creativity and Collaboration

        We believe music is an art that is made better when shared both in creation and enjoyment. Simply put, collaboration is essential to consistently producing quality art. As a marketplace, we strive to aid in the creative process by connecting artists and producers with high-quality, authentic work.