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Deep House, House, Melodic House, Progressive House

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Piste Beatport #1 | Plus de 50 millions de flux | Producteur classé 16e | Fondateur de Kick & Bass | Partenaire chez Scraps | Classe de 23

  • Genre: Progressive-House
  • BPM: 127
  • DAW: Ableton 11.0.12
  • Key: F Minor

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VST: CLA Vocals Mono/Stereo CLA-3A Stereo Decapitator EchoBoy [2] Endless Smile [4] FabFilter Pro-L 2 FabFilter Saturn [2] Gem Dopamine Kickstart MicroShift Ozone 9 Serum [5] Thermal [2] Trackspacer [2] Transient Master UAD UA 1176 Rev A Vocal Bender Stereo Voxengo MSED [4] soothe2 [2] VST3: Kickstart 2 [4] MSED [2] ValhallaRoom [3] ValhallaVintageVerb Wider

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After bursting onto the scene in 2018, New York City-native, Westend, got his first taste of what it is like to be an up-and-coming artist on the US tech-house circuit and couldn’t get enough. The next few years he skillfully carved his upward trajectory with successful releases on tastemaker labels such as Solotoko, Techne, Club Sweat and Insomniac Records. In addition to strong releases, Westend received consistent support from global power houses such as Diplo, MK, Gorgon City, Claude Von Stroke, Joel Corry and more. Westend found a silver lining in the 2020 shutdown by working with over 500 aspiring tech house producers online via 1-on-1 mentorship and an open door policy into all things production. He now runs a production discord titled ‘Kick & Bass’ with a community of producers all eager to improve with his direction. Post-pandemic, Westend continued his rise, starting in 2021 with a fresh take of Musique’s disco anthem ‘Keep on Jumpin’ with fellow NYC producer CID, released on Lee Foss’s established Repopulate Mars. The tune peaked at #2 on Beatport’s overall charts for over 4 weeks and is approaching 9 million Spotify streams. Steamrolling into 2022 with his sights set on achieving the #1 spot on Beatport, Westend once again collaborated with CID on ‘Let Me Take You’ which turned out to be the crowning moment on Beatport amassing over 10 million streams in the meantime. Westend has also collaborated with HUGEL, Millean and Noizu with releases on Insomniac Records, Solotoko and Armada Subjekt. With a plethora of high energy, dance floor ready tracks, Westend has performed for sold out crowds from San Diego all the way to New York.