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On My Mind

Kevin Reinoso
House, Melodic House, Progressive House, Tech House, Techno

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Artist Bio:

  • Genre: Tech-House
  • BPM: 127
  • DAW: Logic Pro 10.6.1
  • Key: A Minor

Note: We verify each listing to ensure that not having the same plug-ins will not significantly alter the track.

Valhalla Vintage Verb Channel EQ (Stock Plugin) Compressor (Stock Plugin) Sample Delay (Stock Plugin) Kickstart DJMFilter SilverVerb (Stock Plugin) Echo (Stock Plugin) ValhallaRoom FabFilter Pro-Q 3 Gain (Stock Plugin) Effectrix ValhallaDelay Little Alterboy Tremolo (Stock Plugin) Overdrive (Stock Plugin) Drip VST Shaperbox Oszillos M Spread (Stock Plugin) EFM1 (Stock Plugin) SPAN VST OTT VST ADLIMITER (Stock Plugin) MULTIPRESSOR (Stock Plugin)

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