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Love Like This (KPOP/GARAGE)

Drum & Bass, EDM, Experimental, Melodic House, Pop

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Artist Bio:

  • Genre: UK Garage
  • BPM: 125
  • DAW: FL Studio 3713
  • Key: A Major

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Effects FabFilter Pro MB FabFilter C 2 FabFilter Pro Q 3 FabFilter Saturn 2 FabFilter Pro L2 Kinetik Back Box Analog Design KClip3 Span XLN DS Drum Shaper Endless Smile Kickstart 2 Lindell 50 Buss Kilohearts Filter Kush Audio Novatron NLS Channel L3 Ultra Limiter SSL Bus Compressor Abbey Road Chamber FreeClip PS22 XSplit Denise Dragon Fire RVox ValhallaVintageVerb Sonalksis StereoTools OneKnob Pumper Spiff Cinematic Rooms Pro Fin Micro Tricera Chorus OTT Xpander Overloud Compressor G StageOne 2 Choric Arturia Fragments Instruments Xfer Serum Labs Synth Pads Arturia Jun6 V The Gentleman Piano Spire

Kpop/UK Garage style Instrumental. Inspired by "Jung Kook - Seven", and "Zayn - Love Like This". Grouped Stems are included (muted by default)

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