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Mixing Engineer

Hip Hop, Pop, R&B

Prix régulier $97.49
Hey there, with 10 years of making multi genre-music, I can assure you that I deliver results.
I will assist you in founding the missing pieces in your MIX, which will help in deliver the track more efficiently to your fan base.
📩 Connect with me at contact@berbarry.com.
PS. I give additional discounts only when you talk with me :)

  • BPM: 68-160
  • DAW: Ableton 12.0.2

- Mixing of the Song (3 rounds of edits) 🔥
- Buyer Agreement (Making it more professional way, to assure you get the right service) 🤝
- Deliverables: 48000 Sample Rate, Rendered at 24 Bit Depth (High Quality Finished Product) 🙌
- You’ll receive my email. Email me the track. I\'ll get back at you with the mixed track, following each round of edits.

We verify each listing to ensure that not having the same plug-ins will not significantly alter the track.

High industry standard plugin\'s along with powerful stock plugin\'s of Abelton are going to be used in Mixing.

PS. I also Mixed songs for many multi-genre artists. One of them includes \"Hooligan Lou\" with 1M + streams on Spotify alone.