· By Jay Bhalala

Bitwig Studio 5: Exploring the Latest Features

Bitwig Studio, renowned for its flexibility and versatility, remains a top choice among Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). With the release of Bitwig Studio 5, its 20th major update, this DAW continues to impress with new features and workflows. In this article, we'll highlight five new additions to Bitwig Studio 5, giving you a glimpse of how they can elevate your music production.

  1. Control Your Sound with MSEGs (LFO and envelope hybrid)

    In Bitwig Studio 5, MSEGs (multi-segment envelope generators) make their debut. These innovative modulators combine the best of LFOs and envelopes, offering five different types of MSEGs. With them, you can craft custom envelopes, automation shapes, and looping patterns. The beauty of MSEGs is that you can save your creations as .bwcurve files, ensuring compatibility across various MSEG devices.

  2. Make Movement with the Updated Modulation System

    Bitwig Studio's already powerful modulation system receives an upgrade in Version 5. You can now assign modulators to mixer and project controls, expanding your creative possibilities. Want to link an LFO directly to track volume and pan? How about using an MSEG to control the project tempo over time? These tasks are now more straightforward. Additionally, modulators like MSEGs, Steps, and Keytrack+ offer resizable pop-out windows for precise settings adjustment.

  3. Get Expressive with New Performance Gestures

    Bitwig Studio excels in both music production and live performance, and the new "on Release" feature takes its live performance capabilities to the next level. This feature allows you to specify actions when you press a pad on your controller and when you release it. Whether you want the associated clip to stop or return to the previous playback, you have control without reaching for your mouse. The ALT-trigger option adds even more flexibility, enabling changes in behavior during a performance, enriching your live sets.

  4. Find What You Need in the Rebuilt Browser

    Bitwig Studio 5 enhances your workflow with a rebuilt browser that keeps you in your creative flow. You can search for plugins, presets, wavetables, and more, all in one place. The browser is customizable through shortcuts, favorites, and collections, making it easier to access your desired elements quickly.

  5. Explore New Demo Tracks and Sound Packages

    Bitwig Studio 5 introduces the demo track "Hey Now" by South African producer Chee, showcasing what a completed track in Bitwig Studio 5 can achieve. It demonstrates sound design, clever device usage, and an overall great track. Additionally, you can download the Sound Pack "Freeform" for free, emphasizing the MSEG concept of turning shapes into sound. It features curves for MSEG devices, wavetables for the Wavetable LFO, and a variety of presets and clips.

Bitwig Studio 5 continues to expand its rich feature set and workflows, offering over 90 instruments, effects, and more. With a 14-day free trial and a Rent-to-Own option at $15.99/month, you can explore all these new tools and create your next masterpiece in this innovative DAW.