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Sandbox Colour Bass FLP

Bass, Dubstep, EDM, Future Bass, Future Rave

नियमित रूप से मूल्य $20.00

  • Genre: Dubstep
  • BPM: 150
  • DAW: FL Studio FL Studio
  • Key: C# Minor

Plugins Used:
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Serum, SerumFX, Zynaptiq Pitchmap, Zynaptiq Morph, Disperser, Addictive Keys, OTT, ErosionTT, kHs Bitcrush, kHs Resonator, kHs Transient Shaper, kHs Dynamics, kHs Comb Filter, kHs Haas, kHs Trance Gate, Snap Heap, MFreqShifter, MFreeformPhase, MSpectralPan, dBlue TapeStop, dBlue Stretch, dBlue Crusher, dBlue Glitch, TB Equalizer, TB Reverb, Graillon 2, ujam Finisher Micro, FreeAMP, MIDI Choir, Wider, SimpleSide, Valhalla Supermassive, Xpander, Deelay, PanFlow, Fracture

Hey y’all! It’s Kallyn. Finally! I’m listing something! This is the project file for Sandbox with Yoku, released on Infinity Music on the Winter Shards Vol. 2 album. It is not exactly in its original form, since I felt I should organize the project file so you could even understand what was going on. This listing includes the sound design jam that inspired the track, although the full design jam recording is not crucial to understanding the project file. For this reason, there is another listing without the design jam if that suits your needs better. Hopefully I will be updating this listing with a walkthrough video at some point. If you have any issues or want to know more about what I did, message me on Discord @kallynmusic and I’ll try to resolve whatever the issue may be. Thanks!

Project File (FL Studio)
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