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How to Start a Song? 6 Steps to Success

Looking for ways to kickstart your songwriting? Well, you're in luck because there are tons of ways to do it! And guess what? It's not just for beginners. Even seasoned pros can benefit from mixing things up.

You see, there are a gazillion ways to start a song, but today we're diving into 6 of the coolest tricks. We've got:

  1. The Instrumentals 🎸:

    • Start with Drums: Laying down a drumbeat is a common approach. You can use drum loops for inspiration or create your own patterns. Drum beats set the mood for your song and can be modified as your song progresses.

    • Start with Chords: Writing a chord progression is a versatile way to begin. You can either start with chords and then choose sounds that fit, or begin with a sound and craft chords around it.

    • Start with Melody: Melodies can be catchy and engaging. Similar to chords, you can either start with a melody and build chords around it or find chords first and create a melody to complement them.

    • Start with an Atmosphere: Setting a mood or atmosphere at the beginning of your song can be unique. You can create an atmospheric sound and then build your song elements around it.

  2. The Sample 🧪:

    • Sample-Based Approach: Sampling is a common technique in various genres. You can explore samples from sources like Spotify playlists, sample databases (e.g., Splice, Loopcloud), or even generate random sampling material using tools like Samplette.io. Once you find a sample that inspires you, you can build your song around it.

  3. Copyright 👀:

    • Structure-Based Inspiration: Instead of copying an entire song, focus on using an existing song's structure as a guide. Mark the different sections (e.g., intro, chorus, drop) and outline what each section contains. Then, use this structure as a foundation for your own song, adding your unique elements along the way.

  4. Arrangement 🎼:

    • Arrangement-Focused: Start your song by thinking about its arrangement. Identify the sections you want (e.g., intro, verse, chorus, breakdown, outro) and decide which part inspires you the most. You can start with the section that excites you and build the rest of the song around it.

  5. Plugin Exploration 🌍:

    • Random Plugin Selection: When you're feeling uninspired, try something different. Choose a plugin you haven't used much before. Exploring new sounds can trigger creativity, and you might stumble upon a unique sound or effect that sparks your songwriting process.

  6. Music Theory 🧠:

    • Exploring New Theory Concepts: Experiment with music theory concepts to inspire your songwriting. Try different scales, chords, and progressions that you haven't used before. Use tools like scale highlighting in your DAW to stay within a chosen scale and create fresh melodies or chord progressions.

Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all approach to starting a song. It often depends on your personal preferences, mood, and the direction you want your music to take. Feel free to combine these techniques, and don't be afraid to experiment until you find what works best for you. The key is to keep the creative juices flowing and enjoy the process! 🎶✨

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