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Kanye West - No More Parties in LA (RYAN's MIX)

Deep House, Hip Hop, House, Tech House

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Artist Bio:

  • Genre: Tech-House
  • BPM: 126
  • DAW: Logic Pro
  • Key: F Major

Note: We verify each listing to ensure that not having the same plug-ins will not significantly alter the track.

stock plugins - eq, compression(different types in logic), filter, chroma verb, logics quick sampler bought plugins - Lofi space by waves, Dynamic delay by izotope, ozone 9 elements by izotope, halftime by cableguys

Note: On this track I chose to group the kick and bass together and put ozone elements on it to allow me to put the bass in mono. Typically now I will compress a drum bus of all my drums including the kick. I really hope you enjoyed listening to and/or looking into the creation of this track

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