· By Daniel Rupawalla

A New Way of Producing EDM Music

The Music Industry Needs a Change

The music industry has been evolving over the years, from vinyl to CDs, and now to streaming. However, the industry is still facing challenges, especially when it comes to creating and recycling music. Many musicians find it challenging to create music from scratch, while many artists end up trashing projects that they never touch again. 

Tunebat Marketplace— A Marketplace for Project Files & Templates

Introducing Tunebat Marketplace — a marketplace for music project files and templates. Welcome to a world where musicians can access a wide range of pre-made musical compositions, saving artists the time and resources that they would have used to create music from scratch. Focus on the art, not the production. 

TBM benefits music producers and composers who can now monetize their compositions in minutes. We aspire to create a new source of income for musicians in a world where streaming pays little and middlemen get paid lots. Additionally, we address the problem of music piracy by providing authentic music production resources from your inspirations. Providing an incentive for better music to be produced, we connect composers and artists in a collaborative music production ecosystem.

The Future of the Music Industry

The music industry is constantly evolving, and creating a marketplace for audio files and templates is the next step in revolutionizing the industry. TBM has been able to successfully bridge the gap between files that get "scrapped" and artists who could turn those audio files into the next hit song. 

All in all, the music industry needs innovation. Making hit songs has always been difficult, but we just got rid of one of the hardest steps. 

Buy Scraps, Make Hits. 

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