· By Rishi Pothuganti

The 14 Best AI Tools for Music Production

The Hottest Things in AI | Bench TalkIn the dynamic realm of music production, the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has ushered in a transformative era, radically altering our approach to creating music. This technological evolution extends beyond mere efficiency; it's about expanding creative horizons and enhancing our musical craftsmanship in unprecedented ways.

For the skeptics out there, it's high time to reconsider. AI's role in music isn't just a passing trend but a cornerstone of future musical innovation. Its impact on music creation is profound and undeniable. With that backdrop, let's delve into the top 14 AI tools that are reshaping music production today, categorized into music creation tools and intelligent plugins for an in-depth exploration.

Music Creation Tools

  1. Soundful: At the forefront, Soundful provides an AI Music Generator interface that instantly delivers complete tracks tailored to your chosen genre, BPM, and key. Pricing: Free Basic Plan, Premium Plan from $20/month.

  2. AIVA: Focused on composing music for films and video games, AIVA generates unique compositions with just a few inputs, offering a creative spark for your next project. Pricing: Free Basic Plan, Premium Plan from $15/month.

  3. Unison Bass Dragon & MIDI Wizard: With Bass Dragon, you can generate compelling bass lines across various genres, while MIDI Wizard inspires new musical ideas. Pricing: Both plugins from $297.

  4. Plugin Boutique: Scaler: This music theory tool helps discover matching chords and scales, fueling melodic invention. Pricing: Starts at $59.

  5. LALAL.ai: An expert in vocal and instrumental separation, LALAL.ai is perfect for remixing and sampling endeavors. Pricing: Free Basic Plan, Professional Plan from $10.

  6. Splice Stacks: Explore millions of unique musical combinations with Splice's AI, tapping into sounds from top producers. Pricing: From $12.99/month.

  7. Musicfy: This tool allows for the creation of AI vocals with ease, transforming acapellas into polished performances. Pricing: From $7.99/month.

Intelligent Music Production Tools

  1. Mastering The Mix: Reference & Mixroom: Reference offers unparalleled mix comparison capabilities, while Mixroom provides EQ suggestions for optimal sound quality. Pricing: Both plugins from $59.

  2. iZotope: Ozone & Neutron: Aimed at enhancing the mastering and mixing process, these plugins use AI to deliver professional results effortlessly. Pricing: Both start at $129.

  3. oeksound: Soothe2 : A dynamic resonance suppressor, soothe2 automatically addresses problematic frequencies for a smoother sound. Pricing: $219.

  4. Synchro Arts: Vocalign: A must-have for vocal production, VocALign syncs vocals with precision, saving hours of editing time. Pricing: VocALign Project 3 from $149.

  5. Wavesfactory: Trackspacer: This sidechain plugin dynamically creates space in your mix, ensuring every element shines. Pricing: $59.

  6. Soundtheory: Gullfoss: An intelligent equalizer that refines audio signals for enhanced clarity and detail. Pricing: $199.

  7. Landr: Providing online AI mastering, LANDR offers a quick, standardized mastering option for novices. Pricing: From $4/month.

As we navigate this era of AI-driven music production, these tools exemplify the innovative approaches available at our fingertips. While Soundful currently leads the pack, the landscape is fluid, with new developments poised to emerge. Embracing AI in music production not only streamlines our workflow but also opens up new avenues for creative expression, heralding a future where our musical potential knows no bounds.

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