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  • 18 Expert Sound Design Techniques and Strategies

    · By Rishi Pothuganti

    Enhance your music production workflow with these 18 essential sound design strategies, tailor-made to elevate your electronic dance music (EDM) creations. Whether you're crafting beats, designing soundscapes, or fine-tuning synth patches, these tips will refine your approach and inject innovation into your projects. Embrace these cutting-edge techniques to keep your sessions productive and your tracks fresh. Creative Sidechaining: Transform ambient textures and add dynamic rhythm to your tracks by implementing innovative sidechaining techniques. Explore advanced tools like Cableguys' VolumeShaper 4 for intricate rhythmic patterns, enhancing your EDM productions with nuanced movement and energy. Comprehensive Recording: Always record your experimentation sessions....

  • Top 5 Methods to Produce Hit Music

    · By Rishi Pothuganti

    Unlock the secrets to electrifying EDM and music production mastery with our top 5 essential techniques. Elevate your tracks from the underground to the main stage with these game-changing strategies, designed for producers looking to carve out their signature sound in the dynamic world of electronic dance music and beyond. Parallel Compression Mastery: Dive deep into the realm of EDM and music production by harnessing the power of parallel compression. This indispensable technique breathes life into your tracks, delivering punchy, dynamic drums essential for any genre. By duplicating and heavily compressing your drum track, while keeping the original pristine, you...

  • Unveiling the Rhythms: The Progressive Journey of EDM and Music Production

    · By Rishi Pothuganti

    The landscape of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has undergone a transformative journey, evolving from the vibrant discotheques of the 1970s to today's electrifying festivals and club scenes. This comprehensive exploration delves into the heart of EDM, tracing its roots and examining its growth into a cornerstone of contemporary music culture. Covering a spectrum of genres from disco, synthpop, techno, to house music, trance, drum and bass, dubstep, trap, and hardstyle, EDM's diverse soundscape is a testament to its rich history and its influence on music production and DJ culture. Decoding Electronic Dance Music: A Sonic Odyssey Electronic Dance Music, a...

  • How To Sell Sample Packs

    · By Alejo Orvananos

    In this guide, we will discuss the steps involved in selling sample packs as well as some tips and tricks to help you succeed in this competitive market. Whether you are just starting out or looking to expand your sample pack business, this guide is for you. Creating Quality Sample Packs When it comes to selling sample packs, quality is key. Your product should stand out and offer value to your target audience - music producers and DJs. Here are some tips on how to create high-quality sample packs: Start with a niche When it comes to creating sample packs,...

  • How To Make Tech House

    · By Alejo Orvananos

    How To Make Tech-House Tech-house is a style of electronic dance music (EDM) that combines elements of techno and house. Originating in the early 1990s, this genre has gained popularity in recent years with its energetic beats and catchy melodies. To make your own tech-house tracks, you will need a good understanding of both techno and house music. Techno is characterized by its industrial-sounding drums and repetitive, hypnotic rhythms. House music, on the other hand, typically features soulful vocals and disco-inspired grooves. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps of creating your own tech-house track, from choosing...

  • How to Make A Remix (6 Steps)

    · By Alejo Orvananos

    How To Make A Remix Of A Popular Song A remix is a popular way for music producers and DJs to showcase their creativity by creating a new version of an existing song. This is a good way for an independent artist to cut through the noise and showcase their skills with a new twist to a popular song. Famous electronic music producers like John Summit and Acraze gained popularity by remixing popular songs.     Here's How to Make A Good Remix Here are the basic steps to making a remix: Step 1: Get the Stems To make a remix,...