Don't trash your art. Scrap it.

Scraps allows you to monetize your project files and unreleased work. Sell project files or publishing rights.

Stop the rip-offs. List on Scraps.

The days of remake sites selling bootleg files, profiting off of artists’ work are over. Scraps gives the power back to the original creators.

How you can make money on Scraps.

Our team verifies the authenticity of your profile.

Either sell the DAW files or the files and the publishing rights.

Pick your price. Get paid weekly.

If the publishing rights are bought, the listing is removed.

Your digital storefront, public or anonymous.

Public accounts increase the price of the scrap. Anonymous accounts de-risk brand dilution.

Save your spot as a seller. Reserve your spot

We will only be accepting a limited number of sellers for Drop 2.

Have Questions?

You can chose to sell any project files you own or the project files and their publishing rights (coming soon). The DAW file can be any unreleased / released song, 8-bar loop, sample, etc. 

We call these Scraps!

Join the waitlist. If approved, you'll receive a login to a seller dashboard where you can customize your profile, list your scraps, and track your sales in a matter of minutes. 

Artists pay outs will happen every Sunday. If you are in need of an accelerated payout, please email and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Selling project files gives aspiring producers a chance to learn music production behind the scenes. Your fans will now be able to own a copy of your music while you still hold the publishing rights. They cannot sample, remix, reproduce, and release the work in any way possible. You can choose the number of project files you'd like to sell.

Selling the publishing rights gives aspiring producers the opportunity to own the DAW files, remix, and release them under their name. You can sell the publishing rights of a Scrap to only one person. Coming soon.

At Scraps, we believe you should be able to decide the value of your art. If you have questions on how to price your music, please contact