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Viktor Ghost Tech-House Pack Vol.1, 2 Templates, 95 Serum Presets, 30 Midi

Deep House, House, Tech House, Techno

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  • Genre: Tech-House
  • DAW: Ableton

285 Samples (.wav)
95 Presets (95 Serum Presets)
2 Racks (1 Ableton Template, 1 FL Studio Template)
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Sample packs are an indispensable tool for modern music producers. Sample packs save you valuable time and effort in sound design, allowing you to focus on what matters most: creating music. With a wealth of pre-processed and meticulously crafted sounds at your fingertips, you can easily find the perfect elements to bring your vision to life. Investing in sample packs is a smart choice for any serious music producer.

Introducing the Viktor Ghost Tech-House Pack Vol. 1 – Your Ultimate Production Toolkit Elevate your Tech-House productions to unprecedented heights with the Viktor Ghost Tech-House Pack Vol. 1, a meticulously crafted digital treasure trove designed to empower both seasoned producers and budding enthusiasts. Seamlessly blending cutting-edge sound design with meticulous attention to detail, this comprehensive package sets the stage for your next chart-topping hit. What\'s Included: 1. Versatile Project Files for Seamless Workflow: Dive into the heart of your production with two meticulously constructed project files, optimized for both FL Studio and Ableton Live. Explore the intricate arrangements, expertly mapped out mixer channels, and comprehensive soundscapes that showcase the essence of the Tech-House genre. 2. Extensive Xfer Serum Presets: Unleash your creativity with a stunning collection of 95 Xfer Serum presets, each meticulously designed to capture the essence of the Tech-House sound. Elevate your tracks with powerful basses, mesmerizing synths, and evocative soundscapes that breathe life into your compositions. 3. Dynamic MIDI Clips for Basses and Synths: Infuse your tracks with dynamic energy using 30 key-labeled MIDI clips of basslines and synths. Easily customize and tweak these clips to create unique, evolving melodies that resonate with your audience. 4. Diverse Selection of Samples: Fuel your rhythm with an array of expertly-crafted drum loops and one-shots. Elevate your melodies with captivating synth loops and precise synth one-shots. Enhance your sonic palette with a plethora of FX samples that add depth and dimension to your tracks. 5. Mesmerizing Vocal Elements: Inject soul into your productions with a captivating range of vocal loops and shots. Each element is meticulously key-labeled, enabling effortless integration into your compositions. Let your tracks come to life with the infectious energy of these carefully curated vocal samples. 6. Optimized for Seamless Integration: All samples are harmonically calibrated at 126bpm, the sweet spot of the Tech-House genre. This ensures effortless integration into your projects, allowing you to focus on your creativity without the hassle of time-stretching or pitch-shifting. - 2 TEMPLATES FOR FL STUDIO & ABLETON LIVE - 95 XFER SERUM PRESETS - 30 MIDI CLIPS - 30 VOCAL LOOPS & VOCAL SHOTS - 180 DRUM LOOPS & DRUM ONE SHOTS - 30 SYNTH LOOPS & SYNTH ONE SHOTS - 15 FX SOUNDS 100% ROYALTY FREE Experience the Viktor Ghost Tech-House Pack Vol. 1 and unlock a universe of sonic possibilities. Whether you\'re seeking to craft club-ready anthems or atmospheric tracks that captivate the listener, this pack is your ultimate toolkit. Elevate your production game and make your mark on the global Tech-House stage FL Studio Template Info: Genre: Tech-House BPM: 126 DAW: FL Studio 21.1 Key: E Minor Plugins Used: Xfer Serum, Izotope Ozone 10, CamelCrusher, Output Thermal, Kickstart 2, Xfer Ott, Output Portal, Valhalla Vintage Verb, Akai Flex Beat, Valhalla Room, Minimal Audio Rift, Dubstation 2 Ableton Live Template Info: Genre: Tech-House BPM: 126 DAW: Ableton 11.3.10 Key: F Minor Plugins Used: Neutron 4, Ozone 10, Xfer Serum, Dubstation 2, Kickstart, Valhalla VintageVerb